Michael began teaching at our music store approximately 20 years ago. He quickly proved himself capable of teaching many different styles and skill levels, and his relaxed and personable approach made students of all ages feel comfortable and encouraged. He taught for the love of teaching, not as a substitute for the "next big gig" to come along. He rarely (and I do mean RARELY) missed a lesson, which was comforting for parents and students planning their schedules. Talking to many parents, they felt a certain privilege when their child was able to get a spot in Michael's schedule. I feel Michael is a perfect example of a musician and teacher.

David Mingo
Mingo Music Sales
Truro, Nova Scotia

Michael's unforgettable music was integral to many productions in the formative years of Mulgrave Road Theatre. It was recorded for CBC Radio on two occasions and was also featured in the Theatre's 10th Anniversary production called "Ten Years After". Michael also taught summer drama camps for the theatre, keeping the young participants mesmerized with learning circus art skills such as juggling, unicycle riding and walking on stilts.

Emmy Alcorn
Artistic Director
Mulgrave Road Theatre
Guysborough, Nova Scotia

A dozen years or so ago Michael had an idea that he and I could combine poetry and song for an Atlantic Fringe Show. It was in his company that I discovered the world of theatre and exploring my voice as a playwright.

His contribution to the artistic community in Truro would fill pages, suffice to say that he has encouraged, promoted and inspired legions; his absence will be sorely missed in these circles but it does not end there, Michael's common touch and the loss of it will leave a hole in the fabric of many, many lives. So, to a man of vision and to a man I am honoured to count among my friends, I say, Go well Michael and go with love.

Lenora S.
Truro, Nova Scotia

It's hard to say it's "over" these last nine years have been amazing. You have taught me so much. I'd like to thank you for not only teaching me guitar but so much more than that. I don't think I would be as into music today if it wasn't for you. Guitar lessons became so much more than just a lesson it became a time I could share stories and talk music with a great friend! I'd like to thank you for being such a great influence on my life and I will never forget these nine years we spent together on Thursday afternoon. Take care and keep on Rockin' in the Free World.

Robert Jeffcock

What can I say other than you are an amazing teacher and friend. You were the pick me up of the week when times were bad. You always had me smiling by the end of it. You always helped me learn whatever random heavy rock songs I came up with even though some of then were just downright terrible. From Smoke on the Water to Penny Lane you helped me through.
Thanks for the best five years ever.

Calum Ferguson
Grade 8